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Wagtail Class


Miss Mozir  Class teacher 
Ms Jamila Teaching Assistant

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Hello Wagtail Parents,

[Quick reminder - Tuesday & Thursday FULL PE KIT is to be worn by pupils. No uniform is needed on these days]

Welcome to our class page! I will be updating this page fortnightly with the following information: 

  • our current topic 
  • activities we do in class 
  • activities you can do at home 
  • photographs 
  • weblinks for extra curricular learning 

If you would like to show me some of the work you child has been doing at home, please upload a picture/video onto their EExAT profiles. You have all received your login details but if you need them again, please email me at I'd love to upload some of your children's work onto this web page so please also email me pictures to the above email address. 

Have a look at our fantastic work!

Topic - Ourselves 

Book focus - Pumpkin Soup 

Maths focus -

  • Counting up to 10.
  • Identifying missing numbers in a sequence. 
  • Working with Numicon 

This week, we have been learning about Harvest and what it means to different people. We watched an interesting video on Harvest and some of us were surprised by where our food actually come from! We learnt about different kinds of fruits and vegetables and looked at how the farmers harvested them for us to eat. We also collected a range of foods to donate to the food bank. 


   Here, we are drawing pictures of our favourite fruit and vegetables.


We also got to make pizza using a range of different vegetables. Some of us thought it was very cool that we have our very own oven in Reception! 

During topic time, we have been learning about our amazing body. We were interested to find out what different parts of our bodies can do and enjoyed learning the technical names for some of them. We wanted to create a life-size display of the human body but then decided to decorate the body using natural materials that we collected in the Wildlife garden. 

Here, we are enjoying sticking natural materials such as leaves, sticks and grass down to create our life-size body. Some children used small rocks and baby pinecones to make jewellery for the paper girl! 


Our book focus this fortnight has been Pumpkin Soup. We looked at different features of the characters in the story, discussed what is happening in the story and acted out different scenarios. We wrote character profiles and  talked about the different job roles of the characters in the story. 


Here, we are busy matching character descriptions to the correct characters from the story. We also spent time thinking about what we would like to have in our own soups and designed our own versions which included lots of vegetables. 

In phonics, we are now working on the following phonics sounds - c, k, u, b, f, e, l h, sh, and r. 

If you would like to support your child's phonic learning at home, please visit the Phonics- Read Write Inc. page which can be found under the 'Learning' tab above or here Phonics - Read Write Inc - Mission Grove Primary School ( . You can also use this YouTube video to learn how to pronounce each sound Parent video: How to say the sounds - YouTube



Here we are working on letter recognition by filling in our 'I Spy' charts. We also practised our letter formation on paint bags using cotton buds. 

Whilst learning our sounds, some of us are also working on identifying initial sounds in words. We have been playing lots of different games which encourage recognising initial sounds in common words. 


Here, you can see that we have been building and writing CVC words whilst making attempts to blend and read them. We also wrote shopping lists and challenged ourselves to write labels for different items on our lists. 


In Maths this week, we have been working on counting and identifying numbers up to 10. We worked on securing our number knowledge to 10 and worked on counting on and counting back to find missing numbers. 


Here, we are working on counting out a range of items into a 10s frame. We counted out how many objects we wanted and wrote the matching numeral for them. We also painted on the caterpillars bodies using the numeral as a guide. 

​We were also introduced to Numicon this week. Numicon helps us to visual numbers and to make connections between numerals and objects. We used Numicon in a range of ways and enjoyed exploring with them in our play and in our mathematical learning.   


Here, we explored and played with Numicon. We stacked and built structures with Numicon and made impressions of Numicon into playdough. 


We used Numicon to build mystery towers and buildings and made attempts to count how many spots was needed to make the tower. We also worked on a range of Numicon number lines which had different numicon shapes missing. 

We also spent a lot of time on the story telling table where we acted out and retold the Pumpkin Soup story. Ms Jamila made us these amazing story spoons which really inspired us to act out the story. 

With our core book being about Pumpkins and Halloween being right around the corner, we decided that we needed to explore pumpkins using all of our senses! 


Here, we are enjoying cutting, poking, squeezing and feeling the different types of pumpkins available to us. 


We finished the week by making our very own pumpkin soup which we enjoyed with warm bread. Here are some pictures of us with our warm soup and bread! 


That's all for this fortnight. It's been a busy one for sure but im sure the next fortnight will be even busier! Thank you for taking the time to check this page out, I really appreciate it. 

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to me. You may also contact me on our year group email (please address to me in the subject heading) at