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Wagtail Class


Miss Mozir  Class teacher 
Ms Jamila Teaching Assistant

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Hello Wagtail Parents,

[Quick reminder - Tuesday & Thursday FULL PE KIT is to be worn by pupils. No uniform is needed on these days]

Welcome to our class page! I will be updating this page fortnightly with the following information: 

  • our current topic 
  • activities we do in class 
  • activities you can do at home 
  • photographs 
  • weblinks for extra curricular learning 

If you would like to show me some of the work you child has been doing at home, please upload a picture/video onto their EExAT profiles. You have all received your login details but if you need them again, please email me at I'd love to upload some of your children's work onto this web page so please also email me pictures to the above email address. 

Have a look at our fantastic work!

Topic - Transport 

Book focus - The Naughty Bus

Maths focus -

  • Positional language 
  • Number bonds to 5 


Welcome back Wagtail families. I hope that you have had a very restful break over the Christmas period. It's a new year which will be packed with lots of new opportunities and experiences for us all. 


It was lovely to see all the children in Wagtail return to school with bright smiles and full of enthusiasm. We kicked off the week with a brand new topic all about Transport. This topic will be broken down into three parts: 

Week 1/2 - Land transport with a book focus on The Naughty Bus 

Week 3/4 - Air transport with a book focus on Whatever Next

Week 5/6 - Water transport with a book focus on Mr Gumpy's Outing


Here are a couple of pictures showing you all the different things we have been up to this fortnight. 

Week 1




Over the Christmas break, all the children were given some revision to do at home. Revision included letter formation, handwriting, CVC words, and reading and writing simple sentences. Once back at school, we continued with maintaining good handwriting and worked really hard on spelling and reading. Some children did not do any revision at home and were really struggling at school which can have a huge impact on the confidence and progress. Please continue to support your child in reading and writing daily. 



We introduced our new topic by talking about the different ways children travel to school. We drew pictures of how we travelled to school on post-it notes and had a lot of fun sticking them onto the big road. We talked about why we travelled the way and also talked about other ways we wished we could have travelled to school. Some children said that they wished they came to school on a scooter instead of walking, whilst Ms Jamila wished she came to school on a private jet! I guess we're all allowed to dream! 



We then revised our knowledge of numbers up to 10. We focused on subitising which means to recognise how many objects there are quickly without counting. We recapped our number knowledge though popular number rhymes, played number games, looked at different ways to present a number using natural resources and refreshed our Numicon recognition skills. 


To support our experiences when learning about Transport, we visited the school car park to check out some cars. Actually, we went to go and see my new car which the children noticed as they came in to school in the morning, but thankfully I was able to make an activity out of their curiosity! The children showed interest in the car logos and tried to find matching logos. Some children even knew the names of certain cars just by recognising their logos! They were also very curious about the size and shapes of certain cars and asked questions about registration numbers. 



Ms Jamila spent ages creating a lovely small world tuff tray for us which included different types of transports in different locations. The children spent a lot of time playing and exploring in this area. 



Following on from their interest on car logos, the children worked hard on redesigning my steering wheel for me. They thought my new car had a boring steering :( I guess I'd look a lot more jazzier if i had a rainbow coloured, spotty stripey zigzaggy steering wheel! 




This term, we have a new PE topic which is all about Dance! Although myself and Ms Jamila don't have much rhythm between us, the children were very excited to show off their moves! We ended a very energetic lesson with some Yoga to cool down which was very relaxing. 

Week 2




After learning about the adventures of the Naughty Bus, we talked a lot bout where we would like to go on an adventure. Some children were very creative with their ideas and wanted to go to the moon, to the North Pole and even visit a meteorite! We drew pictures of where we would like to go and talked about our plans on what we'd do once we got there! 


If we're going to go on any adventures, we first needed to learn about road safety. We talked about different things that we might have seen out on the roads such as street signs, bright cones and traffic lights. We talked about what traffic lights are and how they worked and then created our own. 




Because the children showed a great deal of interest in visiting the car park to explore cars again. We took this opportunity to learn about tally charts and went to the car park to record the different coloured cars we find. 






After talking a lot about going on an adventure on a crazy bus, the children asked Miss Jennings for the Library Bus key so that we could go on our own adventure! Ms Jamila wanted to drive, but she doesn't have a driving licence! Miss Jennings gave us the key and the children were already waiting in the bus ready to go on an adventure! I attempted to start the engine, but guess what! The bus had no petrol, so we won't be able to go on an adventure any time soon! Instead, we all decided to take a seat in the driver's seat and smiled for a photograph! 

To end the week, the children wanted to make their own video of the Naughty Bus. They had great fun coming up with lots of naughty things for the bus to do! 


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So it's been a very eventful first 2 weeks back at school! We are sorry to have had to cancel our science museum trip, but we are working hard on rescheduling this. 

Coming up in the next few weeks, we will be asking children to bring in their bikes and scooters from home so that we can set up a car wash style activity for the children to have a go washing their own bikes/transports. 

I would also like to request a voluntary donation of £3 this term to support our cooking activities. 

Also, please continue to upload videos and picture of your child working on literacy or maths activities of your child on their EExAt profile. Thanks to Lyna's mum who was the first parent to submit a lovely video of Lyna revising her CVC words at home over the Christmas holiday! Thank you! 

Miss Mozir and Ms Jamila