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Waxwing Class

Welcome to Waxwing class page

Happy New 2022 Year to all of you! 

We welcomed the New Year with Transport theme. We have looked at land transport so far. We have been reading the adventures of Naughty Bus. It even was so naughty that it disappeared from our class for 2 days! We looked for it everywhere. We created 'Missing posters' to help us find the bus. The bus sent us its photos of what places it visited. Luckily it came back in the end.


We enjoyed driving the Library Bus. It was so much fun just holding the wheel and pressing all the buttons.





We painted our favourite transport, and we loved to make cars and buses. 



We talked about Road Safety and practised our skills in the playground trying to cross the roads safely. 

We also played traffic light dance game in our P.E. session.

In Maths, we continued counting and recognising numbers. We went to the car park and counted the number of different colours of cars.


Later we learnt prepositional language, and we used it when building towers and hiding objects there. We also made our own obstacle course and followed the instructions correctly to get from one place to the other. Additionally, we went to the Wild life area and played hide-and-seek with the Naughty Bus who was in different spots. We had to find it and say where it was using the prepositions we had learnt.


We also went to the far to feed the animals as we had some fruit leftovers. We loved watching the animals eat them!


We continued learning sounds and numbers. We practised our names and letter formation daily. 

Remember to visit our web page regularly for new information and photos of our work.

Ms Klonowska and Emma