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Week Beginning 22nd February

Friday 26th February 2021

It's Friday! Goodness, this week seems to have flown by! Good morning, Year 1, Mrs Cartwright here. Today, you will be using your knowledge of positional and directional language to find some missing animals and you will be creating some lovely mini-beasts. Let's get started with a numbers song! How far can you count?


Practise this weeks spellings. Can you ask someone in your home to test you?

Main learning

First, we would like you to listen to the whole story. Click here to listen.

We don't want him to feel sad or worried again in the future. What could he do to help himself feel better? Have a think, what do you do when you are feeling sad or worried? 

Today, we would like you to write a letter to Augustus, offering him some advice. 

As you will be writing a letter you will need to include the date, who the letter is to and who the letter is from.



Still not sure about left and right? Join in with this song!

Main Learning​​​​​​​
Today, you will be using your knowledge of position and direction to solve problems. Have a go at the problems below. The first one is done for you.

 Your task:

Oh,no! The animals have escaped from the zoo! Can you help the zookeeper find them? Follow the clues to find the animals.


Play the BBC game - Karate Cats. Choose your challenge (bronze, silver, gold) depending on how confident you feel. 


​​​​​​​Today we will be printing ladybirds with corks.You will need: 

  • A cork or small round shaped item to use as a stamp.
  • Red paint
  • Green pens or pencils for the grass.
  • Black pen/marker.

First, draw your leaves, mixing different shades of green. 
Next, use your cork and red paint to make some stamps on your grass picture. Then, leave to dry.
While you wait for the paint to dry, listen to  the Bad Tempered Ladybird.

Finally, once your ladybirds have dried, you can use a black pen/ marker to draw the head, dots, legs and antenna! See the pictures below.

Thursday 25th February 2021

Good morning, Year 1, it's Mrs Cartwright from Buzzard class. We have some lovely activities for you today. Are you ready for action? Get moving to a tune I know you love but this time with different words! 


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Can you add the suffix -ing to these words? For example, 'play' becomes 'playing'.

play       playing





Main learning

We would like you  to look closely at the picture below, showing  Augustus the tiger and  the butterfly. 
As you look, have a think:
What do you think might have happened just before this picture?
What do you think might happen next?
What do you think they are saying to each other?
What do you think the butterfly might be saying to Augustus to help him feel better?
After you have had a good look at the picture, we would like you to write down what you think the tiger and the butterfly might be saying to each other? (You could draw speech bubbles if that would help. Or even try acting it out with someone in your home.)



Main learning

Why not test your knowledge of positional and directional language with some dancing! Click here!
Yesterday, you were  learning about clockwise and anti-clockwise directions of movement and rotation. Rotation is when something spins or turns around a point at its center.


Today we will be looking at money and thinking about where it comes from, and what we do with it. Have a look at the slides below.

Activity 1: Can you act out different jobs and see if someone at home can guess the job? For example, you could pretend to be a teacher, chef, fire fighter, nurse or shop keeper.
Activity 2


Wednesday 24th February 2021

Hello, Year 1. It's Mrs Cartwright with your day's activities. Let's get started with a song and dance. This one always makes me feel happy! Reach for the stars!




Can you find the right suffix (that’s the end of the word) to make these sentences make sense?

Click here to get started. Here are the log in details if you need them. Username: student20709
Password: Mission2020
Main learning

Let’s listen to the beginning of the story again. Stop when you hear ‘through the shifting sands… until…’ You can find it here.


What do you think will happen in the story that will lead to Augustus’ feeling being changed?
Write a prediction with a beginning, middle and an end to show us what you think will cheer Augustus up.



Practise telling the time with this interactive quiz!

Main Learning

Today, we are learning about rotation. Moving in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Watch this video to find out more.

We are also learning about half turns and quarter turns.

In this animation you can see a baby bison giving directions - including half turns and quarter turns! 

Your task:

We would like you to give directions to someone in your home to help them get from your bedroom to the fridge. See the slide below for details.


Today we will be looking at the Christian principal ‘Love thy neighbour as yourself’.

Read this story about a football match:


Have a think about these questions.

How do you think he felt when no one was helping him? How does he feel about the blue fans at the beginning? How does he feel about them at the end? Why do you think people didn't help him?

Watch this video about kindness.

Main activity

Have you ever been a good Samaritan and helped your neighbour? Can you think of a time when you did something to help someone at school? We would like you to write some sentences explaining what happened, and how it made you feel.

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Hello Year 1. Miss Knight here. Hope you're all feeling well and ready to work. We've got lots of fun activities to do today. I hope you enjoy them.




Test out your knowledge of suffixes here:

Username: student20709

Password: Mission2020

Main Activity:

Using your role on the wall picture of Augustus the tiger from yesterday, write some sentences describing what he looks like on the outside and how he feels.

For intstance, you could start with "Augustus the tiger is....." then "He feels....."

Remember to use your lovely capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 



Main learning:

Today, you are going to practise giving directions.

Look at the example below.

Your task:

Not sure which direction is left and which is right? You can use your hands to help you! 


Our topic this term is ‘Our perfect planet’ and we will be looking and learning about deserts.

A desert is a place/area that has little to no rainfall. Deserts can be hot or cold. 

Monday 22nd February 2021

Good morning Year 1. It's Miss Knight here. I hope you've all had a great half term and had lots of fun. To get us back into the swing of things, I thought I'd start us of with a dance you should all know Waka Waka by Shakira. You can find that here. Now we're all warmed up, let's start our learning.





This week, we are starting a new book. It's called Augustus and His Smile by Catherine Rayner.

Let's have a look at the main character. Discuss and describe him with your adult. Write down any ideas you may have.

Main Activity:

First, let's start by reading some of our story. We'll read until we get to the line "through shifting sand, until...", where an adult can help you pause the video. You can find the story here.

Now we are going to describe how Augustus both looks and feels. We will write them inside Augustus to show how he is feeling. This will make us a role on the wall we  can change or reference later. Here are some ideas I've had:

I think you can fill your work with far more describing words than I have. Why don't you draw your own outine of a tiger, or print the one below off to create your own. Remember, put words which describe what he looks like on the outside and how he is feeling on the inside.



Main learning:

This week we are going to be learning about position and direction.

Today, we are going to be describing the position of an object.

Play this game:


Username - student20709

Password - Mission2020

Now, look closely at the picture below. What objects can you see? Can you describe their position?

Look at the picture again and fill in the gaps in the sentences below using the correct positional language.



Today you are going to learn about the different animal food groups; herbivore, carnivore and omnivores.

Herbivores: animals that eat vegetables/fruit/grass

Carnivores: animals that eat meat.

Omnivores: animals that eat both meat and vegetables.

Watch this video to learn more: