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Week beginning 1st March

Friday 5th March 2021

Hey year 1, It's Friday!!! I hope you all have had a lovely week, I have been seeing some fantastic learning being sent in, you all deserve to have a good rest this weekend, and prepare for an exciting day back on Monday! Here is the learning for today :)



Today, we are going to work on finding stronger adjectives to describe different feelings.

What is your understanding of the Coronavirus? Why have you had to stay at home?

These are 4 different ways you might have felt during the 'lock-down'-

Your task for today is to think of or find other words for each feeling, e.g. Excited, Ecstatic, Giddy. Are there any colours you think of for each feeling?

Write a list for each feeling, then see if you can put some of these words into a sentence.


Extra, extra!- In our newsletters, there is always information on how to stay safe while the Coronavirus is still active. Can you make a poster containing some of this information?





Main learning

Today, we are going to be using your knowledge of addition to find the missing number!

Have a look at the example below.

First, I found and circled the first number known number fact, on a number line. In the example above, the number 4.

Next, I found and circled the second known number fact, the number 10.

After that, I carefully counted the jumps from 4 to 10. The answer is 6. So, 4 + 6 = 10 (Why not check the answer with your fingers?)

Have a go at these examples:

Your task

Choose a challenge from the choices below. Choose yellow if you are not feeling confident, orange if you feel happy and red if you feel you need an extra challenge.




Starter: ‘Hey, remember me? Can you draw me? (5min)


Main learning:

Today we are going to learn to draw a spider web and colour it in so it looks like one of my favourite artist’s pictures!


Piet Mondrian was a Dutch Artist.


He painted the countryside near where he lived.


Abstract (not real looking) 


Realistic (real looking)


He used black and white squares and black outlines.

His pictures were becoming more and more simple.

Main learning: Can you draw a spiderweb?

Then add in some primary colours.

Thursday 4th March 2021

Hey year 1, it's Thursday! almost the end of the week and then we get to see each other again, can you tell im excited! Here is some lovely learning for today, keep sending in your amazing work!



Sentence work: listen to the sounds in this video then write a sentence to describe what you think is happening:

Grammar time!

Use these activities on Discovery Espresso to practise using suffixes correctly. You will need this for writing after STEM week:



Practise your knowledge of turns with this game.

Username: student20709

Password: Mission2020

Main learning

Listen to this song about number bonds.

Your task

Make a number bond to ten and then add on to make the number given. See the example, below. I had a go at the first one.



Phonics fun!







Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Hey year 1, we are half way through our week! I hope you are all doing well, I have been seeing your amazing learning, you are all superstars! I am super proud!

Here is the learning for today.




Sentence work: listen to the sounds in this link:

What is happening? Write some sentences to describe, then show your parent or sibling...

Main learning:


Use the following link to work on the grammar activities:

Extra, extra! What sentences can you write for some of the words you have checked correctly?







Main learning

Today, we are going to be practising our number bonds to ten and then using this knowledge to work out number bonds to 20.

Can you remember your number bonds to 10? They are pairs of numbers that add up to 10. For example, 5 + 5 = 10. This song will help you remember.You can use your ten fingers to help you.


We would like to see if you can find all the number pairs that add up to 10.

Can you use that knowledge for number bonds to 20?




Main learning.


How can we save money?


What/where are sensible places to keep your money save?


Which places do you think is safest to ‘look after’ your money?  Why?





Today you will design your own piggy-bank


Video about saving: 



2nd March 2021

Hey year 1 , Miss Ley here again (it will be me all week!). Hope you had a lovely start to your week, we are getting closer to seeing everyone again, yay!


Here is the learning for today, remember to start your day with some exercise and breakfast :) Try some 5-a-day in French! 

Have a lovely day year 1 you are all amazing!!



Sentence work:


Main learning:

How do you think Augustus feels before he finds his smile? Why? Can you think of a time when you haven’t felt happy?

(Tell your parent/ sibling).


Feedback to Miss Ley/ parent. How can we put these memories into good sentences?





Do you remember the positional and directional language we were learning last week? Put your skills to the test with a barn dance! 

Username: Student 20709



Main learning

Today, we are going to be adding by counting on. Put the biggest number in your head and count on the number shown on the dice.

Your task

If you don’t have a dice, you can choose from the number sentences below.



that is made by the wind blowing piles. Topic

Our topic this term is ‘Our perfect planet’.



How many continents are there on our planet?

Let's do the continent's song to remind us!


Main learning:

Today we will be looking at hot deserts and discussing the features. 


Can you write sentences about the features of a hot desert? I.e: A hot desert has sand dunes that is made by the wind blowing piles.


1st March 2021

Hey year 1, Miss Ley here! Hope you had a lovely weekend! Start your day with some breakfast and yoga : 




Practise this weeks spellings. Why not try writing them out with different colours? 


Sentence work

(Get a parent or sibling to check for you).


Today’s main learning:

Independent writing:

Write about a time when you felt really happy. Maybe you found something you’d been missing? Or maybe you got a treat you had been waiting a long time for? Perhaps it was when you saw a family member that you’d been missing?

Explain what happened and how it made you feel. Describe what you did afterwards. 





Main learning

This week we are going to be doing lots of addition! 

I have had a go at solving a number sentence using dienes. 

Can you see what I did? Now you have a turn. First, you add the ones. Then you add the tens.

Your task

Have a look at the picture below. Your task is to solve some number sentences by drawing dienes. I did a couple.

Choose your challenge!





Starter: Draw your favourite animal (5min)

Main learning:

Can you name the 5 animal groups?


Today we will be looking at Amphibians and reptiles. Let's watch the videos below!





Write down what you have learnt about these two animal groups.



Can you write sentences comparing these two animal groups?





























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