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Week beginning 8th February

Friday 12th February 2021

Hey year 1 Miss Ley here, Happy Friday! last day before the well deserved half term break :)

I hope everyone has enjoyed their week, you have all done some fantastic learning! Well done to you all! Here is the learning for the day, enjoy!




Can you count the dienes and match the number?

Main learning

Today we are going to add and subtract ‘ml’ and ‘l’. Read the question carefully and decide if it is add or take away. You can use a number line to help you.







Practise  rainbow writing your spellings then ask someone in your home to give you a spelling quiz. This week’s words all have the ‘oi’ sound.

Main learning:

How did you get on making your board game? We would love to see it. (Remember, you can email your class teacher using this address: Just put your class name and your name in the subject.)

Today you are going to write the instructions so that people will know how to play your game.

M. Silly forgot to say that the instructions must be in the right order! 

You could set your work out like this:


Art -Paper Dancing Dragons:

Today we are making paper dragons. You will need some paper, colouring pens or pencils, scissors and 2 sticks (lollipop sticks, chop sticks, wooden skewers etc.). If you have anything else you’d like to add for decoration, that would be great. I like using colourful feathers or glitter. 

step 1: draw the front and back of the dragon, colour and cut out.

step 2: fold a strip of paper (like a fan/pop up)

step 3: stick the strip (body) and front and back together.

step 4: add sticks. 


Thursday 11th February 2021

Hello Year 1. Miss Knight here today. Today is Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choy (or Happy New Year) to you all. We'll start our day with some Chinese New Year themed yoga to warm up for learning. Click here to join in. 

Image result for happy chinese new year




Main learning:

Over the next two days we would like you to create a board game. Today, you will make your board game and tomorrow, you will write instructions so that people will know how to play it.

Have a look at the example below. Can you spot any bossy verbs?

Your task is to make your board game. Below are some examples to give you ideas and a word mat to help you with the bossy verbs.



Match the words with the numbers.

Username: student20709

Password: Mission2020

Main Learning:

Today we are going to find the subtractions and answers for the maths problems below. Use your number line to help you.

R.E. - Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year. It’s a special day China and around the world when families celebrate together with special foods and gifts to celebrate the New Year. 

Chinese years are named after animals. This year is the Year of the Ox.

People celebrate with parades, dragon dancing and fireworks.

Find out more here:

Children get special red envelopes with money inside from their families.

Chinese years are named after animals. This year is the Year of the Ox.

A special story is told how to explain how the years got the name. It’s called The Great Race.

The ox is now known as a yak. Today, we’re going to find out more about yaks and make a fact file about yaks! Write your favourite facts about yaks and draw a great picture of a yak too.

Get your adults to help you read and find out about yaks here:

Username: missiongrove

Password: brittanica


Wednesday 10th February 2021

Hey year 1 Miss Ley again, hope you are all well! Half way through the week then we can all rest! You have all done some amazing learning, you should all be very proud of yourself.

Here is the learning for today, looking forward to seeing all your fantastic work. Have a lovely day superstars!




1 more 1 less game. Adult calls out ‘one more than 10’ ect…

Main learning

Today we are going to subtract using the quantity ‘ml’ and ‘l’.

You can use a numberline to help you. Remember counting back on the number line when subtracting. 







Main learning:

Have a look at the slide below. Mr. Silly has tried to make a jam sandwich. Did he get the steps in the correct order?

Can you give clear instructions? Today your task is to help prepare your lunch! Remember you will need to give instructions in the correct order.



Create your own flip/flap game! watch this video to see! 


You are going to hide the toys in your flap game!

Step 1. Draw a bedroom on paper.

Step 2. On a separate sheet, draw and cut out 4 toys you will 'hide'

Step 3. Stick the toys on the furniture of your bedroom drawing

Step 4. Draw the covers/flaps and cut out and stick (only at the top so it flaps open)


Tuesday 9th February 2021

Hey year 1, Miss Ley here! Hope you are all doing well, it's so cold! if you go outside to enjoy the snow, make sure you wrap up warm ;) We have some lovely learning planned for you today.




Adult says a number, child writes down the number in digits. 


Main learning

Can you find the answers for these maths stories.








Mr Bossy has tried to write a sentence but he has forgotten his capital letters. Can you write it out correctly for him? 

Main learning:

Yesterday we looked at some instructions to find the bossy verbs and time connectives. Instructions can be very helpful, but they have to be in the right order! 



Safer Internet Day!

Today is Safer Internet Day. This is a day recognised around the world to find ways to make sure we all stay safe online.


Today, we have a story for you to read. It’s called ‘Detective Digiduck’ and can be found here.

You can download it as a pdf or ebook and read it with your adults or  listen to it read in a video.

Have a discussion with your adult. Can you create a poster?


Monday 8th February 2021

Hey year 1! Miss Ley here, hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend. We have some exciting things planned this week, last week before the well deserved  half term break! You have all worked very hard!



Can you match the numbers to the correct words?


Main learning

Today you will be adding in the context of ml & L. Remember to write the correct quantity at the end of your sum.

Use a numberline to help you.




This weeks spellings:   




Main learning:

Are you feeling bossy? This week is all about bossy verbs! Our  learning question is can I identify bossy verbs and time connectives.

A verb is a ‘doing’ word and a bossy verb is an order or command to do something. They can be sharp and direct. For example, ‘Line up for assembly, or ‘Mix the flour and eggs together.’ 

Have a go at playing ‘Simon Says’ with someone in your home. It’s a game full of bossy verbs!

Have a look at the slide below, can you find and  write out all the bossy verbs? (Look carefully, they are not all verbs!)


Remember, time connectives are words like, ‘first’, ‘next’ and ‘lastly’.



Can you draw the objects that are made from the different materials that you have learned. label them with their properties. Here is a video to help you.