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Welcome to Summer 1.

Dear Children and Parents,

What an exciting beginning of term we have had!

Welcome to all of our new friends and their parents.  We wish them a very warm welcome to Mission Grove Primary School community.

A few important reminders:

Thursday 5th May, Nursery School is closed for morning and afternoon children due to local election voting day.   

Parent Stay and Play resumes every WEDNESDAY from 4th May from 8h30 - 9h30 and 12h30 - 13h30.

P.E. is every Wednesday, so please dress your child in their PE Kit. In Nursery class we do a range of PE activities, yoga, dance, exercises and drama stories.

Library bus day is every Friday, please remember the red school book bag, so your child can exchange their book for the week. 

Families should now know where their children are going to Reception. If you have any queries or need any support or guidance, please let us know.


Our Summer 1 theme is Pirates.

Over the April holidays something astonishing happened in our Nursery class!  The pirates sailed in!  Our role-play area is now a pirate ship. They left us a range of interesting pirate story books, and we discovered a treasure island!  The atmosphere this term has been enthralling whilst we have explored the new environment.   We have begun making treasure maps, searching and hiding discovered golden coins, investigating floating and sinking, magnetism and learning new pirate songs, pirate ships have been built out of recycled materials and blocks. 




Eid Mubarak to all our friends celebrating Eid. 

The children were buzzing with joy, sharing their family traditions coming up to Eid.  We read a story that was brought in to share with us. Thank you.  The children carefully drew their families and made a card to celebrate.


The last few weeks have whizzed by! Our little Puffins have been having a wonderful time exploring our Pirate theme.  We have counted and caught colourful fish, collected golden coins, counting and comparing amounts, read a range of adventurous Pirate books which have led to interesting topic discussions. For example: working together as crew, exploring pictures of mountains, forests and coastlines whilst thinking of where we would bury our treasure. Imagined what would be in our treasure chests and created our own treasure maps.

We spent last week exploring shapes. We learnt a new shape song and had a shape treasure hunt around the classroom searching for triangles, squares, circles and rectangles. 

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The children loved investigating and designing with 2D and 3 D shapes. They built fascinating rockets,  pirate ships, creatures like cats, dinosaurs and birds, beautiful, colourful homes, cars and trucks, some made wonderful artistic designs. It's amazing to think that shapes are everywhere! I hope you take time to do a shape hunt in your home or walk home from school.  It's very interesting what you can discover.

We are now gearing up for our final week of this half-term and will be busy learning about the Queen's Jubilee and planting our little Queen Bee garden.

Watch this space!

Puffin's have had a wonderful week.  

We have been very busy planting our Queen Bee garden and learning all about what plants need to grow!  Patience, care, sunshine, water, soil and air.

We've investigated fruit, looking for seeds then used paint to print and further explore the shapes of the various fruit and vegetables.  As a class we talked about how incredible it is that a tiny seed germinates and becomes a seedling which could grow into an enormous tree, a bushy shrub, a tangled vine or a brightly coloured flower.  We listened to classical music and pretended to be a seed growing into our own choice of flower, tree, vine or shrub.

Our little garden is coming along well. The children work well as a team caring for the garden.  We are currently growing tomatoes, strawberries, lavender, mint, rosemary, hollyhocks for the bees and have planted Summer flower seeds.  We have discovered worms, snails and centipedes much to the children's delight.

I hope you all enjoy growing your delicious watercress at home and drawing the germination and growth into a seedling.  I recommend an egg and watercress sandwich, not only healthy but delicious too.

The children loved celebrating the Queen's Jubilee!  Everyone looked wonderful in their crafted crowns.  




We wish you all a fantastic half-term break and look forward to seeing you on Monday 6th June.