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What have we been up to? - Autumn 2


This week has been our Literacy Week. It was Harry Potter themed, we did lots of fun activities throughout the week all related to Harry Potter.

Miss Stevens had the Obliviate spell put on her and forgot to take lots of pictures this week but here are a few she did remember to take. 

We learned about the Expecto Patronum spell and created our own patronuses.

In Computing and Film Studies, we looked at different shot types used in the Harry Potter films and had a go at taking our own shots. We also learned how to store and retrieve photos on an IPad. 

Here are some of the pictures we took:

Here are some pictures that Miss Stevens took of us taking our photos:

On Friday, we dressed up as our favourite Harry Potter characters. 


Today was our class assembly!! Here are a few pictures. 


In Science this week we tested out the suitability of different materials to plug a hole in the bucket. We had to cover the hole with different materials and then pass the bucket along a line and see what material didn't leak and saved the most water. 


Today we acted out different parts of The Great Fire of London, here are some pictures of us doing it.


Today we did computing. We tried to create our own algorithm to make a game where when you click on a bubble, the bubble disappears. 

Kacper has been off all week but sent in some of the work from the website that he has been doing.


In French we learned about remembrance day and poppies was also looked at the french flower. 

Here are our story map plans for our recount about Burning Pudding Lane on Friday. Miss Stevens and Miss Mulla were very impressed!


This week in maths we will be looking at division by sharing. Here are some of us doing it.


LONDON'S BURNING!!! We made a real life Pudding Lane and set it on fire to watch how the fire would have spread in 1666. 


Tonight was also our Spooky Disco. We had lots of fun! Here are some pictures of us in our costumes. 

Remember remember the 5th of November. This week we have been learning about The Gunpowder plot and why we celebrate bonfire night. In English we wrote our own firework poems using Onomatopoeia and expanded noun phrases. 


The first day back after a week off and we have been busy bees. This week in maths we have been learning about arrays and multiplication. Here are some pictures of us solving multiplication questions using arrays.