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Wonderful Work Completed by Goldfinch Class During Home Learning

Below you will find some of the amazing work completed by Year 2 children during home learning. If you would like to see your work here please email it to


Task: To write a letter about whether or not you would want to go to Hogwarts School.




Children were asked to turn something into an enchanted object. This is what they came up with.



In maths we have been looking at measurement and focussing on capacity and volume. We measured out different potions and Danil even made his own potion at home!



Nature Studies

In Nature Studies I gave you some mindful nature clips to watch and then asked you to look out of your window and draw me a picture of what nature means to you. Below are some beautiful examples!


Media Studies and Computing

In this lesson we explored different shot types and then your task was to experiment with them. Here are some fantastic examples from our budding photographers.


Jasmine's Photographs


Danil's Photographs

Rayyan.N's photographs (retelling sonic)



In topic we looked at timelines, some of you created your own timeline!