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Wren Class

Welcome to Wren Class!

Class Teacher: Miss Agard

Teaching Assistant: Danielle

Here you will find all the exciting things we have been up to on a fortnightly basis!

Don't forget to bring your child to school in FULL PE KIT on Wednesday's & Friday's. They will stay in their PE kit all day.

Library books and reading books are changed every Friday, please make sure your child has their reading record and books in their book bags. 

What you can expect to see on this page:

  • Our current topic 
  • Photographs of the children's accomplishments fortnightly
  • Activities/ web links for extracurricular learning you can try at home 
Web links:
Here you will find games to assist with learning in a range of subject areas. The login details can be found in your child's reading record.
Here you will find 5-minute exercise videos that are fun and engaging. You can use the drop-down tab to select 'Reception', which will bring up suitable videos. The login details can also be found in your child's reading record.
Here you will find a range of music lesson plans for your child to work through. The login details can also be found in your child's reading record. 
Here you will find a range of reading books for your child to go through at a pace that works for them. The login details can also be found in your child's reading record.
Here you will find a range of exciting educational maths games. The login details can also be found in your child's reading record.










Our first week

The children have made an excellent start to Reception, they have settled into the daily routines and are beginning to form friendships! Take a look at some exciting things they have been up to!

Week beginning 13th & 20th September 

Topic - All about me

Core text - Owl Babies

Our first topic took the children on a journey of self reflection. What makes them unique? What is a family? What similarities and differences do I have with those around me? 

Our first text; Owl Babies reminds the children settling into a new environment and school can be daunting but their loved ones will always come back for them at the end of the day. They are valued and appreciated members of Wren class, and we look out for each other. 

Mathematics; The children have been learning to recognise number values and count to 10 and beyond!

The children got to meet Coach George and loved playing the parachute game!

Wren class have been extremely busy these last two weeks, take a look below:


Week beginning 27th September & 4th October

Black history month

Topic - All about me

Core text - Pumpkin Soup

Topic The children have noticed the tangible changes Autumn has brought. They have enjoyed exploring the wildlife area by looking for natural resources to represent a number of things. We talked about harvest and what it means to us. We thought about how we might share with those who have a greater need than ourselves, and we spoke about what we are grateful for. 

The children got the opportunity to look at real pumpkins and learn all about how they grow and what we can use them for. 

Black history month The children learnt about the continent of Africa in various ways. We read a traditional folk tale from Ghana called Anansi the spider. We listened to a variety of songs and learnt a new dance! We also spoke about where our families are from and looked at the countries on the map. They were fascinated to discover how vast the oceans were between certain countries! 

Maths The children are still looking at the numbers 0-10 and have been learning to use a number line as well as dominoes and numicon. They can fill in missing numbers on a number line and know th value of each numicon by sight. 

Our weekly assembly has begun, and we celebrated the various successes of the week. Ms Khan, the head of EYFS came to officiate and the children enjoyed singing and congratulating each other. Well done to Aizah, Frankie, Haaris, Arianna, Adnan, Abdel-Rahim, Eva and Jacob for receiving certificates over the two weeks!

House point winners Well done to Haaris and Frankie for collecting the most house points this week! They enjoyed their prizes from the 'surprise box'.

Cooking The children enjoyed talking about what ingredients they would need to make pumpkin soup and had some quite funny ideas about what to include! They then got to chop the vegetables up and taste their soup!