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We are of the firm belief at Mission Grove Primary School that learning should be fun and that it should also reflect our beliefs and cultures. 

As well as the inspiration which children get from all the reading we do, the curriculum is very much a creative, cross curricular way of learning, in which opportunities for writing are provided across a range of subjects in all year groups. We believe in giving children exciting, real life experiences that are meaningful to them and which will encourage them to be writers.

Since children are becoming more and more proficient with the use of ICT, we have invested in brand new digital technology to enhance learning. We have found that this helped to improve children’s writing skills as it has given them new avenues to explore. On any given day, they can film pieces in front of a green screen, which allows them to add any background of their choice- it could be volcanoes, pyramids or even the Amazon Rainforest. The possibilities are endless. They can then used their finished pieces as inspiration for their writing.

We also fully understand the importance of developing children’s grammar, and incorporate grammatical elements into our Literacy lessons to provide meaningful contexts for the children.