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Year 4

The Year 4 team have an exciting and enjoyable learning adventure planned and look forward to many varied activities and trips we have planned this year. 

Kinglet Class: Mr Hall and Becky

Kingfisher Class: Mr Anwar, Aqeela and Farhana

Kestrel Class: Mrs Wagstaffe, Aqeela and Farhana

Kittiwake Class: Miss O'Brien and Mr Gwynne-Jones with Aqeela and Farhana


Home Learning During School Closures

Children should be reading for 25 minutes each day and practising their times tables as much as possible. In addition to this, children can complete the following tasks as part of their home learning whilst away from school. Task will be updated daily. You can also complete a project on the topic of Brazil. Information about how to start it can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Encourage your child to send anything they have done to the following email address, and their teachers will see it and respond. 

Keep in touch and keep learning!

Click here to email your teacher!

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Elena is an acrobat in the circus. She is an award-winning performer but is getting tired of traveling and rehearsing so much. She is thinking about giving it all up and becoming a police officer.

Write a letter to Elena explaining the reasons why she should continue to be an acrobat.

Then explain the reasons why she should join the police force. This will help her think through her decision.

Make sure to use the features and format that you learnt in class when writing a letter.


Answer the following money word problems using either column addition, column subtraction or both.

1. Hannah went shopping with £10.10 and bought some sunglasses for £7.80. How much money did she have left?

2. Lewis went to the shop and bought a magazine for £3.80, and 2 packets of biscuits at £2.50 each. How much does he spend altogether?

3. Train tickets from Nottingham to Birmingham cost £11.20 for a single journey.

• How much would a return journey ticket cost?

• How much would it cost for 2 return tickets?

4. A child’s ticket to the cinema costs £5.60, whilst an adult ticket costs £8.50.

• How much more does an adult ticket cost?

• How much would it cost for 2 adults and 2 children to go to the cinema? 

5. One Horrible Histories magazines cost £4.70. Lewis went to the shop and bought 1 Horrible Histories magazine, and 2 packets of biscuits, at 65p per packet.

• How much does he spend altogether?


Challenge: Create your own word money word problem for someone in your family to solve!


Today we're going to learn about Marine Vertebrates. Research the following answers to the questions below (writing the answer in a complete sentence). Then quiz your family to see how many they get right!

1. How many fish species are there?

2. Do fish sleep?

3. Do sharks have good eyesight?

4. What is the fastest fish in the sea?

5. What do fish eat?

6. Do sharks have scales or what is their skin made of?

7. Do fish get thirsty?

8. What is the largest shark in the world?

9. Do sharks only eat meat?

10. What is the world’s largest and smallest fish in the world?



Art Club Challenge

Week 2:  Virtual Art Club challenge is now up and running - click here for more details:

All artwork to be in by Friday 3rd April 

Good luck! 

English and Reading

In English, we cover a broad range of genres and text types during the year and base our literacy lessons around rich and challenging texts written by well-known authors. This enables us to give the children lots of time for discussion engaging with texts in a variety of ways.

Mission Grove uses the Accelerated Reading program for reading.  Children are expected to read each day in class and should be taking books home to read for a minimum of 15 minutes each day. When they have finished reading a book, they can take a quiz and challenge themselves to improve their reading by collecting points for the books they read. The children enjoy this and those who have read the most books at the end of the year, get to go on a special trip! We also have a fantastic Library bus, where the children get to enjoy reading books of their choice on each week. 



Maths is taught 4 times per week and is linked to other subjects as much as possible. We follow the CPA Model (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) , which helps children learn about a topic in a range of ways in order to embed their learning. We also test children on their times tables regularly and as this Year 4 cohort is the first to take the National Times Tables Check, we strongly encourage all children to be practicing their times tables at home. We have a school account for TT Rockstars, and all children have a login so should be able to access it from home on a tablet or laptop.


Foundation Subjects

Fitness and health are also very important to us, and there will be two P.E. sessions per week, Our school P.E kits is black shorts or tracksuit pants and a red t-shirt with the school logo on it. Order forms are available on request from the school office, and for a small additional fee, you can have your child’s name printed on the back.

At Mission Grove, we see the value and positive impact cross-curricular teaching has on children's learning and enjoyment of learning. As such, foundations subjects such as  Geography, History, Music, Art, languages and Computing are taught every week and are blended together as much as possible.  Part of this includes the children's Enrichment hour, which takes place on a Friday afternoon, during which, the children take part in an activity of their choice, led by the talented  and passionate staff at Mission Grove. This is something the children thoroughly enjoy and the Year 4 team look forward to taking part in.


Home Learning

If you would like to support your child with further learning, we encourage all children to complete projects which are linked to their topic learning in school. It is an excellent way for children to extend and deepen their understanding of what they are learning in school. We hope to see many creative and ambitious project brought into school this year. 

The topics we will be covering this year include: Machines, Ancient Egypt, Anglo-Saxons, Brazil, Expressionism, and Comparing two UK localities. Keep an eye out for topic maps, which show how our topic is connected to the rest of the curriculum, they will be posted each half-term. 

Each half term we will be going on a trip which is linked to their Science, History or Geography topic, so children will have a chance to deepen their knowledge in this way too. If you are available to help out on trips, please sign up via the app when signing your child up.