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Year 6 Home Learning

Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning everyone! The Home Learning Gallery is back up and running - please keep sending pictures of your work in - we love seeing what some of you have created! You can also see all the previous activities here.


We are starting to get your Yearbooks ready for the end of Year 6 - and we need your thoughts! Write a few sentences that answer these questions:

  • What memories will you take away from your time at Mission Grove?
  • What has been your favourite school trip?
  • What are you most looking forward to about secondary school?
  • What would you like to do as a future career?

Try to make your answers as detailed as possible. You can send your answers to - make sure you have your full name and class so we know who you are!

All About You!

We would like you to answer the following questions about your year in Year 6 so far!

What trip did you like?

What have your favourite books been that you have looked at in class?

What enrichment have you enjoyed the most?

What is your favourite subject and why?

What are you looking forward to next year?

This will help us put your comments onto your reports for the end of the year. Please send them to!

Charanga Music Portal

You will need to have a username and password - please email us at so we can give them to you! There are loads of fun activities to do once you log in!

MG Art Club Challenge

You can find the latest challenge on the blog page You can submit your entries to

Poem of the Day & Story of the Week

If you head to the 'Fun Learning' section, you will see different story cubes, as well as a different poem every day. There are also different activities to match the poems. Go and check it out!

General Announcements

We have a few general tips before you start looking at the activities for today:

  • Please put your name (or your child's name) and class in each email - we can only see the email sender. 
  • If you have any projects or tasks you want to do that are not on this page, please do them and send them into us - we can share them with everyone!

As always, keep reading your books and keep doing your Accelerated Reader quizzes- some children are very close to earning their Millionaire Trophies! Make sure you check out the TT Rockstars Leaderboards too.

Summer 1 Topic: Healthy Walthamstow

Our topic this half-term is 'Healthy Walthamstow'. This half-term we are going to be setting you lots of challenges and doing lots of learning about staying healthy and the different ways we do this in Walthamstow.

Character Building Calendar

Have a look at the activities on this calendar - can you complete each activity for the month? Don't worry if you miss a day - on some days, you might want to do more than one. Please send in anything you want us to read, or ask us any of the questions on there - some of the teachers might even share their tasks!

If it's too hard to read, head to

Healthy Eating, Exercise and Sleep diaries.

We would like you to record everything you eat in a healthy eating diary. Tell us what you eat for every meal and your snacks.

Record the exercise you do every day. What did you do? How long for? How many reps?

Keep a record of how you sleep. What time did you go to bed? How long did you sleep for? Did you sleep through the night? Did you wake up? Did you have any dreams?

We would like to hear your thoughts and reflections on all these things. Write diary entries on how this all makes you feel. Can you notice any links between these things? Do you sleep better or worse depending on what you eat or how you exercise? Do you have more energy for exercise depending on what you eat?

We will be giving out prizes to some of the healthiest eaters and people who do the most exercise in year 6. Have a look at the link below for some information and reminders on healthy diet.



Today we would like you to have a go at the Crystal Explorers spelling and grammar game.

Work through the different worlds to gain points and practise your spelling and grammar skills.


This week, we will be reviewing Diary Entries so that you can revise and edit your Healthy Living Diaries before the end of the half term. 

Here's how to get started:

1. Get a pencil and some paper and click on the link below.

2. Click 'start lesson' - the first task is a video, that you should pause when you need to so you can understand or complete work. 

4. Then click next activity and answer the questions about the text.

5. Finally, you can complete the quiz to see how much you understood.

Friday Lesson: Writing a diary entry

In preparation for your diary entry work this week, make sure you have at least 3 diary entries about your time at home. If you don't write some now - think about what you have been doing to stay healthy during this time, and write about it!


This week's focus: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Keep doing your arithmetic practice. Have a go at week 28 on the link below. You can check your answers each day.

Friday Main task: 

Main task:  This week every lesson will be on the Nation Academy website like your English. Today we are going back to subtracting fractions, including finding the rules of sequences involving fractions.

Friday Lesson

Remember to write down you answers on paper and send them to us.

Extra: Have a go at this Premier League game. Can you reach Super Star level?


You have learnt lots over the past few weeks about how our bodies work, and how to stay healthy. Think about:

  • Circulatory system
  • Healthy eating & drinking
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Mental health & Wellbeing
  • Any other sections you would like to include

We would like you to use your knowledge to create a fun and informative picture book for the children in the younger years - Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

You will be able to work on this task all week, and should conduct any research you need to - remember to use all the resources at the bottom of the page. If you are stuck for ideas, don't forget to have a look at so you can see a whole library of books about living things.

Don't forget to include lots of artwork, and make sure you are writing in words that the younger children will understand!


Today we are going to start our new topic about food and drinks. 

This week you are going to learn how to order drinks (les boissons) at the cafe. Learn the names of the drinks below and practice the key words with the games of your choice (choose a game on the right side of the screen) here: 

When you have memorised most of them you can take the quiz here:


We will be sharing different exercise challenges and workouts with you every day. Make sure you do them and record them in your diary.

The more exercise the better so do some of your own too!

Try these for today:

Have a go at this Joe Wicks workout on Youtube:

PE with Joe


The login for 5-a-day has changed - please use the following login details (case sensitive):

USERNAME: mge177



We will be focusing on precepts which we began learning about in literacy. 

We would like you to come up with or find out a precept of your own. Research if you are not sure. Based on that precept we would like you to create a video/poster/poem/song/piece of art or anything else creative which shows us what the precept is and why it is important.

Contact Us!

You can contact the Year 6 team by emailing - please send us your work or any photos so that we can share them on the website!

If you have any questions, please use this email to contact us - this includes if you have forgotten any of your logins.

Useful Websites

AR login page

TT Rockstars

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